Orthopaedic Rehabilitation can be done at TriVita Centre starting already in the first days after the injury or surgery. Our rehabilitation programme is developed on the basis of a team consultation (Orthopaedic, Physiatrist), which directly translates into measurable therapy effects.

Depending on the Patient’s condition (traumatic, post-surgery, acute, subacute, overburdened), we use, respectively: manual therapy, motor skills training, proprioception exercise, supported with modern rehabilitation equipment.

We evaluate every Patient’s functional condition in order to register objective improvements of the treatment.


We fulfil our Rehabilitation mission in three main groups:

    • Neurologische Rehabilitation
    • Orthopädische Rehabilitation
    • Antischwellung Rehabilitation

„Besonders überwiegt die Gesundheit alle äußeren Güter so sehr, daß wahrlich ein gesunder Bettler glücklicher ist, als ein kranker König.“

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