Physiotherapy in lymphedema treatment is considered the most effective method.  Effectiveness of individual elements of a complex anti-oedematous therapy   has been proved by numerous studies and acknowledged as a recommended form worldwide. Procedures performed at our centre are safe and Patient friendly.

Our therapy is directed to Patients with hand, leg or face edema.

Irrespective of its cause, untreated lymphedema is always progressive, having a detrimental effect on the comfort of life, both in the physical, mental and social area.

Our actions aimed at reducing lymphedema are based on renowned physiotherapeutic methods, such as:


“ We achieve this aim thanks to carefully selected staff of experienced and qualified Physiotherapists and Nurses.”

We divide the therapy used for Patients suffering from lymphedema into two main stages of proceedings:

intensive proceedings – carried out in our centre, its goal is the maximum reduction of a Patien’s oedema. The rehabilitation strategy is built on the basis of one’s medical history determining the reasons of oedema. Such a diagnosis allows us to select individual treatment procedures.

maintenance treatment – carried out in order for the Patient to independently maintain the effect of his/her rehabilitation. This includes education of both the Patient and his/ her Family or Carer.

Our centre carries out comprehensive rehabilitation of Patients suffering from lymphedema, primary and secondary:

Primary lymphedema – is usually most noticeable in lower extremities. It is caused by congenital (hereditary) defects of the lymphatic system. It usually affects people over 30 years old.

Secondary lymphedema – usually affects both lower and upper limbs. It occurs most frequently on the substrate caused by:

  • sustained injuries
  • surgical removal of the lymph nodes
  • one’s surgeries
  • long term limb immobilization
  • infections, chronic venous insufficiency
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • parasitic diseases
  • other systemic causes

Individually selected rehabilitation exercises

Rehabilitation and breathing exercises are also an element of comprehensive anti-oedematous rehabilitation carried out in our Centre. Their type, quantity and frequency are determined individually for each Patient (taking his/her age, fitness level and accompanying locomotor system diseases into account). Such an approach allows to maximize the treatment results.