• Who looks after the Nursing Center residents?

    Nurses and caregivers look after the Nursing Center residents round the clock.

  • May I visit a resident?

    Families may visit our residents without any time restrictions.

  • Do you provide pastoral care?

    Yes, mass service is said here once a week.

  • Can families get a pass to take residents away from the Center?

    Residents may leave the Center with their family after registering for a pass.

  • Are meals prepared on the premises? Do they take special dietary requirements into account?

    A catering company provides the meals in line with any dietary requirements.

  • Can residents continue their specialized management and get medical consultations?

    Yes, residents may take advantage of medical consultations and continue their treatment at our specialized medical clinics.

  • Who provides medications and senior hygiene products?

    Resident’s family is responsible for providing medications and personal hygiene products; however, we may do it for you if you provide us with necessary funds. To this end, we have set up a special bank account for families to deposit money to cover expenses for residents’ personal needs.

  • Are rehabilitation treatments available for residents?

    Yes, residents may use all the treatments available at the TriVita Rehabilitation Center.

  • How can I pay?

    We accept cash or credit card payments at the time you sign the contract, or you may pay us by a wire transfer by the agreed payment date.

  • How to make reservations?

    To make your reservations please return the completed forms to us:
    – Admission Application (link)
    – Doctor’s Statement (link)
    You may e-mail the completed documents to: recepcja@trivita.pl, use the traditional postal service, or deliver them in person.

  • What must a resident bring when moving in?

    Medical documentation,
    Disability certificate, if any,
    Wheelchair / crutches, walker or other mobility aids, if necessary for moving around,
    Day / night clothes and comfortable footwear,
    Other items approved by the Nursing Care Center.