Nursing care offer is dedicated both to Seniors and Residents, who wish to spend a longer time in our centre and use the rehabilitation and nursing facilities..

We offer a range of attractive ways of spending free time, from mental activities to sports and recreation activities.


„Relaxation” stays

In order to meet growing social expectations, we also offer the so-called „relaxation” stays, which let the Family have a rest from the everyday hardship of looking after a close person that requires constant and full care.

„Relaxation” stays are available as a one day option (e.g. 8 or 24 hours), as well as weekend and holiday options.

All people staying at our Centre can enjoy the top-level conditions, including:
• comfortable rooms (single, double, triple) equipped with modern and readable TV, with access to WiFi,
• full adjustment to disabled people and people with reduced mobility,
• full nursing care 24/7, together with „hotel” service,
• access to health services,
• full board, with regard to individual diets,
• basic rehabilitation treatment,
• extended rehabilitation packages,
• specialist doctor consultations,
• outdoor activities, recreational trips and excursions,
• full range of occupational therapy,
• ecumenical chapel,
• Attendance of a Concierge – a personal – Patient’s Carer, helping with shopping, journeys and other private matters.

A major advantage of our Centre is the guarantee of constant nursing care – 24/7, which significantly affects the comfort and safety of our Patients.

“Movement is life – life is movement.”

 A. Senger

Admission criteria