Orthopaedic Rehabilitation can be done at TriVita Centre starting already in the first days after the injury or surgery. Our rehabilitation programme is developed on the basis of a team consultation (Orthopaedic, Physiatrist), which directly translates into measurable therapy effects.

Depending on the Patient’s condition (traumatic, post-surgery, acute, subacute, overburdened), we use, respectively: manual therapy, motor skills training, proprioception exercise, supported with modern rehabilitation equipment.

We evaluate every Patient’s functional condition in order to register objective improvements of the treatment.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation provided by our Centre is functionally divided into three groups:


“ We achieve this aim thanks to carefully selected staff of experienced and qualified Physiotherapists and Nurses.”

Posttraumatic Rehabilitation – in our centre this rehabilitation is aimed at the fastest possible elimination of pain and return to the Patient’s mobility from before the injury.  
This form is mainly addressed to Patients who have sustained:

  • traffic accidents, e.g. whiplash injuries
  • sprains
  • joint twists
  • injuries to the capsular ligaments (e.g. ACL, MCL)
  • contusions
  • limb injuries
  • bone fractures and intraarticular fractures
  • neck pain syndrome, iliotibial band syndrome
  • rotator cuff syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome

Pre-operative Rehabilitation – addressed to Patients waiting for, among others, hip or knee joint arthroplasty (joint replacement). The purpose of the Pre-operative Rehabilitation carried out in our centre is to increase limb muscle strength and to increase the range of motion in joints. These activities aim to speed up and increase efficiency of the Postoperative Rehabilitation process.

Postoperative Rehabilitation – includes comprehensive rehabilitation addressed to Patients with a history of an orthopaedic surgery. Thanks to Postoperative Rehabilitation not only do we eliminate the results but we also investigate the causes of degeneration or injuries. We specialize in rehabilitation of Patients who have undergone the following procedures:

  • endoprosthesoplasty of hip joints
  • endoprosthesoplasty of knee joints
  • Achilles tendon ACL reconstruction
  • arthroscopy
  • Limb extension or reconstruction

Modern concept of rehabilitation

The functional therapy carried out by TriVita Centre has been based on the modern concept of rehabilitation. Its main purpose is to limit the consequences of an injury/ illness, to prevent their recurrence or their further progress. In the course of our therapies we aim at making daily activities become easier to our Patients. By regaining their mental balance the Patients we rehabilitate become more independent in their daily lives.