Rehabilitation at TriVita Center

With you in mind, we have developed an advanced Rehabilitation Package which guarantees effective and lasting results thanks to the latest physical therapy methods and equipment we use.
Our TriVita Center is also a certified rehabilitation and nursing care center for Huntington’s disease patients. We focus on improving our patients’ comfort through neurological, orthopedic, and lymphedema therapy rehabilitation. Patients undergo a detailed psychomotor evaluation and diagnostic testing to monitor their rehabilitation progress, as well as to plan customized functional rehabilitation.

A team of highly qualified TriVita Center physical therapists and nurses provide continuous nursing care 24/7 to assure comfort and security of our Patients.

– Neurological Rehabilitation offered by the TriVita Center is aimed at restoring the functionality Patients have lost as a result of disorders or accidents.
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Orthopedic Rehabilitation includes post-trauma rehabilitation designed to effectively eliminate trauma consequences and restore the Patient’s full mobility.
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Pre-Operative Rehabilitation helps prepare Patients for the upcoming treatments and surgeries, such as hip or knee alloplasty, while Post-Operative Rehabilitation consists in comprehensive rehabilitation for patients following orthopedic procedures. The advanced lymphedema therapy combined with selected physiotherapy treatments to improve poor lymphatic drainage (both primary and secondary) is currently considered to be the most effective management.
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