Orthopedic Rehabilitation at the TriVita Center may start within a few days following the trauma or surgery.  We design our rehabilitation programs in consultation with a team consisting of an Orthopedist and a Physical Therapist thereby assuring measurable results of any therapy selected.

Depending on the Patient’s condition (trauma, post-operative, acute, subacute, overload), we may prescribe manual therapy, motor skills training, proprioception training (kinesthesia), all of them supported by our state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment.

Every Patient must undergo a functional fitness evaluation so we can later monitor individual treatment results.

We recognize three functional categories of our orthopedic rehabilitation process:

Rehabilitacja Ortopedyczna

“Nasz cel osiągamy dzięki starannie dobranej kadrze doświadczonych
i wykwalifikowanych Fizjoterapeutów oraz Pielęgniarek.”

Post-Trauma Orthopedic Rehabilitation  

The main objective of any post-trauma orthopedic rehabilitation is restoring the Patient’s pre-trauma functionality so our efforts focus primarily on working with their motor system; however, we often see the need to restore or strengthen the muscles as well. The program is always adapted to the Patient’s needs, taking into account their medical history, capabilities and limitations, while attempting to provide the highest possible comfort level. The TriVita Center is most concerned with improving our Patients’ quality of life.

This type of treatment is especially addressed to Patients who have suffered:

  • Traffic accident trauma, such as whiplash injuries,
  • Sprains,
  • Joint dislocations,
  • ACL and MCL sprains,
  • Contusions and bruises,
  • Limb injuries,
  • Bone fractures and dislocations,
  • Painful shoulder syndrome, painful iliotibial band syndrome,
  • Rotator cuff injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pre-Operative Orthopedic Rehabilitation

The purpose of any pre-operative orthopedic rehabilitation is to prepare the Patient for the upcoming surgery. It is designed primarily for individuals awaiting their hip / knee alloplasty or spine procedures. Patient prepping at this stage consists in building up their limb muscle strength and improving their joint mobility range so that the respective organs are prepared to work correctly after the planned procedure.

Pre-operative orthopedic rehabilitation primarily serves to restore full functionality and accelerate recovery. Rehabilitation schedules are individually agreed with every Patient and may include exercises to improve the functionality of various systems/organs, peripheral circulation, breathing, or muscle relaxation.

Post-Operative Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation focuses first of all on eliminating any consequences of the surgery and restoring the Patient’s original motor skills. Rehabilitation should be started as soon as practically possible after the surgery and include muscle building and stretching exercises, as well as assisted exercises, primarily aimed at preventing adhesions.

This type of rehabilitation not only speeds up the healing process but may also contribute to eliminating the risk of any post-operative swelling and pain.

Specjalizujemy się w rehabilitacji Pacjentów po zabiegach:

  • Hip alloplasty,
  • Knee alloplasty,
  • ACL and Achilles tendon,
  • Arthroscopy,
  • Limb extension or reconstruction.

Advanced Rehabilitation Concept

Functional therapy offered at the TriVita Center is based on an innovative rehabilitation concept and focuses on limiting the consequences of any trauma / disease, preventing condition recurrence or its further advance. Our goal is to make everyday life easier for the Patients who – having recovered their mental balance – can now become more independent in their everyday life.