In order to meet growing social expectations, we also offer the so-called „relaxation” stays, which let the Family have a rest from the everyday hardship of looking after a close person that requires constant and full care.

Promotional price of a stay including full board, nursing care 24 hours /7 days a week:
starts from PLN 150 per day..

It is possible to purchase a wide range of rehabilitation packages:
starting from PLN 50 for 1 session. .

We organize group activities with the purpose of elderly people’s integration and activation.

Benefits for the person entrusted to our care:

  • change of one’s surroundings as well as intellectual and motor activation
  • good opportunity to meet new people
  • spending time in a friendly atmosphere with the highest standard of care
  • the possibility to see it is works staying under our care for longer

Benefits for the family:

  • the possibility to spend a carefree holiday with a full sense of security and peace as regards a close person
  • the possibility to go away for a weekend with family or friends
  • the possibility to go for a few-day business trip
  • the possibility to renovate one’s house or flat