TriVita in the US media.

As reported earlier, the Polish Tourism Organization hosted a group of reporters working for the Polish media in the US who visited private medical clinics in Bielsko-Biała and the surrounding areas. The visit was arranged under the PTO’s project to promote health-services and to showcase the work of Polish specialists, data collection and presentation at medical clinics. The reporters also had a chance to learn about private medical services offered now and see how they differ from those they may have remembered in the Poland of 30 years ago.

TriVita Center for Rehabilitation and Care was one of the organizations which had the pleasure to host the visitors and today we are proud to show you a video documenting the visit.

We encourage you to watch it by going to the following websites:
1. Eli Sawczuk

And to read the following articles by:
1. Andrzeja Brach
an article in „Reklama” (Advertising) magazine (attached)

2. Tomasza Popławskiego

3. Janusza Szlachty,885,medycyna-polska-coraz-blizej-swiata.html,884,polskie-kliniki-otwarte-dla-polonii.html

We would also encourage you to see the material prepared by Andrzej Brach, our indispensable photographer. We wish to thank the entire Polish media delegation: Eli Sawczuk, Tomasz Poplawski, Andrzej Brach, Janusz Szlechty; and our irreplaceable Anna Białk – Wolf and Mariusz Arent.

Working with you is always a pleasure!

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